Vendor Selection

When you register you need to make sure you select the correct vendor type. We are using the same registration form for both the Food vendors and for the Celtic / Craft vendors.  Fill out all that applies for your vendor type. 


    Vendor Booth Information

    *Dimensions should be measured from Tongue to bumper and side to side including awnings/extensions.

    *Please note, we will do our best to accommodate location requests; however, we reserve the right to move booths as needed and no Vendor is guaranteed any specific location or spot.  We want the Games to be a successful event for all involved, as the JRCF continues to grow, so does our vendor areas. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Security will be on the grounds Friday and Saturday evenings. However, the JRCF is not responsible for lost or stolen items left unattended.

    • You must be set-up ready to start selling at 9am no exceptions.

    • **Items must be brought to the Scottish Auction Tent by 9am Saturday Morning**
      We average two to three scholarships every year to students going on to college.

    Trash and Booth Clean-Up

    Please help us keep the grounds clean and leave your spot clean after the festival. Vendors are responsible for removing cooking oil, gray water, and cleaning up trash in and around booth location.  Vendors are also responsible for bringing their own trash cans and trash bags and disposing of their trash. Dumpsters are available to empty trash throughout the weekend.  Please do not empty trash into the field trash cans at any point, including at the end of the event. 

    If your space is not cleaned after your departure or you are found to be using a field bin at your space or emptying your trash into a field bin, you will be billed a cleaning fee. You will be unable to register for future events until the cleaning fee is paid in full. 

    In 2023, we had a number of vendors who left piles of trash in their booth spot once they left.  If there are piles of trash left at a booth space after you have left, the vendor who occupied that booth space will not be welcome at future 96th Highlanders events and will be charged a cleaning fee.

    Let's work together to keep the grounds clean please.

    Insurance, Licenses, Permits and Additional Requirments

    ALL VENDORS need to responsible for their own sales taxes.

    FOOD VENDORS need to obtain an Chautauqua County Department  Temporary Food Permit, unless you already have an annual permit.  

    ALL VENDORS are required to provide insurance.  Insurance requirements are as follows:  1,000,000 in Combined Single Limit Commercial General Liability insurance coverage and $1,000,000 Personal Injury Limit of Liability per Occurrence insurance coverage. FOOD (prepared on site)  includes $1,000,000 in Combined Single Limit Commercial General Liability insurance and $1,000,000 in Products Liability insurance.

    The Mayville Village Board, and the 96th Highlanders Pipes & Drums, Inc & JRCF Committee,  must be listed as additional insured for all forms of insurance. A copy of the vendor’s insurance certificate will need to be submitted no later than June 15, 2023.  You will not be permitted to enter the Festival grounds without a copy of the Insurance Certificate, business or special event license, and food permit (for food vendors), there are no exceptions. 

     Please ensure that all licenses and permits are posted or available upon request, as the applicable authorities may perform inspections to confirm that you have obtained the proper licenses and permits.  

     All vendors are required to have appropriate fire extinguishers available at their booth(s). The fire department may be checking to ensure all appropriate fire extinguishers are on site.   If a booth is inspected and the appropriate fire extinguisher(s) is not on site, the fire department can close the vendor.

    Thank you for attending to all the requirements for becoming a vendor at the JRCE.

    I have read and understand the terms and conditions set forth in the Vendor Information and Application Forms. I fully understand that my submission of this form with payment does not constitute a contract, nor does it imply acceptance of my application. I understand that submission of my application is intended solely for purposes of review. Furthermore, I agree to hold any and all persons and/or entities associated with the event, JRCF Committee / 96th Highlanders Pipes & Drums Inc , and The Mayville Village Board, including, but not exclusive of, those parties hosting, sponsoring, and participating in the event to be free and clear of any claims of discrimination, injury, loss, or damages incurred as a result of the application process and/or my participation in the event. I certify that I am in possession of any and all licenses and/or insurance applicable to my participation in this event. I also agree to have my vehicle unloaded and off the festival grounds by no later than 8:15am Saturday and not allowed to bring it back on the grounds prior to 6:30pm Saturday to tear down.

    Vendors will be notified within 7 days of receipt of Application that we have received your registration form.

    Once vendor application is received a map showing the location of your booth will be sent via email. Tickets and parking passes will be available for pickup at the Operations Gate on Friday, August 23rd after 12pm and Saturday, August 24th after 6am.


    If you prefer to mail a check or Money Order, please select that option in the Billing Information below. 

    Checks ands Money Orders  must be received within 10 business days of completing your registration 

    or you spot may not be saved.  So please mail in your check as soon as possible.

    All Bad checks returned there will be a $75.00 Added charge 

    Mail checks or Money Order out to: 96th Highlanders Pipes & Drums, Inc. 

    P.O. Box 3324 Jamestown, NY 14702-3324


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