The Gaelic word for “Clan” is children, but is best translated as “family.” Originally, each clan was made up of the descendants of one man and his children. Today, a Clan is a social group that comprises a number of families derived from, or accepted as being derived from, a common ancestor. Almost without exception, that core is accompanied by an added number of dependent and associated families who have either sought the protection of the clan at some point in history or have been tenants or vassals of its chief.

2024 Gathering Of The Clan registration options: 

  • A dedicated space for your Clan tent (12'x12')  (more room is available call us)
  • A 1/4 page advertisement with Clan's Picture and Clan's Representative's listed 
  • Clan registration of one of the above options includes:
  • Four (4) extra event tickets for a total of six (6) Clan representatives per Clan
  • Weekend Parking Pass 
  • Participation in all Gathering Of The Clan both Mass Band open Ceremony
  • A special introduction during the Opening Ceremonies
  • *While this camping is free you must register.  Camping registration is available here on the Clan Registration form 


Is there power available for my tent?  YES but 50 to 100' Extension Cords are required.

Can I bring my dog? Yes, however dogs must be kept in your tents and must exit through the food vendors area behind the Carlson building when taking them out to walk. Pet are not allow  in the park during events. 

Questions regarding clan participation and requests for additional information may be directed to [email protected] or [email protected] 

Gathering Of The Clans Registration

If you will have a Clan Dignitary or Chief Present, please contact: [email protected] no later than   July1, 2024 with their full name and a brief biography so that they may recognized at the games. 

Friday Evening & Saturday all day, there will be multiple events that Clans can participate in and/or sponsor.  Please select from the activities below those that you will be participating in.  

  • Open Ceremony Saturday at 12pm

  • Names of the Clans will be read off in alphabetical order during the opening ceremony at 12pm

  • Map of Scotland passed out at the main gate to kids so they can have every Clan stamp it for a gift when complete.

  • Will be held over by the Carlson Building sponsored by ScottishStoreOnline, Tim & Tracy Demler

  • This is customary at our closing ceremony at approximately 5pm to 6pm, to honor all who have passed over the last year between festival.

  • After dusk the Clans have a campfire by the lake. This will be over by the open pavilion behind the tennis courts. All are welcome to attend even if you are not camping at the grounds.

  • The Clans are welcome to have a dinner on the grounds where they bring a dish to pass and have some laughs and a bit of spirits. Once again all are welcome even if your not camping on the ground.

Please submit a (Family-Friendly) two-three sentence introduction for your Family, Clan or Society. Be sure to include a little known fact, fanciful legend, or knowledge tidbit for entertainment value! These introductions will be used when participating Clans are advertised and at the Opening Ceremonies. If you are not ready to submit this information now, please email your intro to [email protected] 

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